Academy News

Hello all,
Dec 5 and we have two runs and two chairs operating. The pre course and instructor training is underway on a great sunny day. Colder weather will get here eventually but for now we take what we have and be happy.
Next weekend we add TA training to the mix and a PDP on the Sunday, the PDP will be covering assessment & development, and is a great opportunity to get some training either in the AM or the PM. you must register on line, so go to , select courses then schedule and registration then pdp at Camp Fortune. get it done soon, as they will close it by Tuesday and there will be no last minute availability. Course Conductors have to be found and sent to us, so they need lead time to get #s .

Also this will be the last time I use ChimpMail system, so please be sure you are following our Academy blog.

The online registration for new and returning instructors will be closed on Monday the 7th, 2015 . From Monday on you will need to register in the pro room in person.

All for now
Frank Bernier

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