Academy News – Dec 12, 15

Hello all,

All training is a go for this weekend, we expect everyone to be here by 9 am.

First Food Drive delivery was done this morning, we received a very big thank you from the people at the Aylmer food Bank. It’s a great thing we have begun and I hope to do another delivery next week. Thanks to all for your support on this. Let’s keep it going.
Box is ready to be filled again.
Our Top Ten priority items are:

– Peanut Butter
– Cereal and oatmeal
– Canned pasta
– Canned beans
– Salted cookies and crackers
– Canned fruits and vegetables
– Canned soups
– Dry pasta

We will be open Friday (Pinault only), Sat and Sun (Pinault and Meech). Snowmaking will resume as weather permits.

As we did last year we are looking for people to commit to a ‘ privates program’ these people will commit to ten weekends ( Saturday and/or Sunday). Customer service will book the lessons for these people. Please contact Maxine Colvey, privates coordinator, at   We will require 8 skiers and 1 snowboarder for this program.

All for now, see you on the weekend.

All for now,

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