Academy News – Jan 20, 15

Hello all,

Snowmaking up date:  we will have Canadian, the Chute and all of Clifford open for the weekend and the park as well. Weather should be good so we can look forward to a great turn out from our pupils.
Friday is a PD day so if you’re able we would be happy to see you at the hill, as we can expect more privates than usual. Please let the cage know if you can be there 819-827-1717 ext 2223
Sat and Sun Morning sessions are on, 8 am at the Clifford chair. Also I am running a skills development session this coming Monday evening, steering/separation will be the focus. Be in pro room by 630 we will be on snow 7 to 9.

I have a pair of Scott poles in my office(blue and black) someone took them by mistake and returned them.

And let’s not forget the food drive, please think of dropping off some non perishable food in the pro room. It’s a small thing and the Food bank is very appreciative of our efforts to help out.

All for now


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