Academy News – March 24, 16

Hello all,
The weather looks good for the weekend, hope to see people come by for a ski or ride. Things to remember: jacket return, banquet tickets. Pro room will be open this weekend so it’s a good time to take care of end of season stuff.

The academy banquet is set for the 16th of April. I always hope to see as many people as possible, the awards nominees are below , come out and see who the winners will be.

  • SKI WEE – Sasha Spano, Mackenzie Wesley-James, Taylor Armstrong
  • SKI WEE – Lilian ‎Kleckner-Alt, Trevor Clost, Leiam ‎O’Byrne
  • All Mountain Performance – Jack Wittman, Joel Forsyth, Caryn Graham
  • All Mountain – Stephen Beaudot, Cameron Allen, William James, David MacIntyre, Josh Freedman
  • All Mountain – Nadine Charania, Aurelia Duwiquet, Lara Pranckevicius, Jayden Alp, Stephanie Gelinas-Sanchez
  • TA – SKI – Luca Juhel- Salvaggio , Joe Sackett, Conor Roche
  • TA – SKI – Abigail Imbeault, Brooke Auger, Iona Lipan
  • TA – SB – TBA
  • SNOW BOARD Weekend – TBA
  • Ski Wee Performance – Matthew Jeffery, Rogan Oremush, Kayla Dobson
  • PRIVATES – Stuart Robinson, Anthony O’Brien
  • FULL TIME SNOWBOARD – Magali Martel, Antoine Henot,
  • FULL TIME SKI – Chris RJ Arnaud , Graham Wilson
  • MVP MARKHAM AWARD – Joe McLean, Rob Dewar, Marty Holski, Mary Lou McKay
  • THE HEARNDON LEADERSHIP AWARD – Carolyn Mitrow, Sean Delaney

All for now,


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