Academy News -Nov 30,16

Hey everyone,

Thanks to all that made it to the hill for the hiring clinic, it was good to see the #s. For this coming weekend we will be open 9 to 4 for skiing/riding.

The pre course begins the 3rd, please be in pro room by 8:45 in order to register/pay the 100$ cash visa or debit. This is for our un-certified new instructors (ski and SB)

Returning instructors: we will be training for the next two weekends, I expect you to be present as much as possible i.e. at least half the time. Be sure that your dues are paid and you can produce a receipt and before you pick up your coat all paperwork must be done.

We will be running sessions for Level 2 and level 3 CSIA candidates over the next few weekends. So if you’re planning on taking the next level, be there to get training.

CSIA Women’s Edge –  Dec 10th  ; register online at

CSIA PDP – Dec 11th; Register at the cage with your membership #


Your training weekends begin the 10th and 11th or the 17th 18th of Dec.

To all, be sure you enter your email to follow our blog, be sure to consult the December training schedule.

And be here to ski/ride and get organized.


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