Academy News – Jan 15 ,2017

Hello all ,

Week 2 is in the books and all is going well. Thanks everyone for being part of the team and helping to serve our guests.

Just have a few reminders to pass along:

  • We are looking for extra people that could be available during the week for the schools program. If you are interested please contact the cage (
  • I want to remind all to keep counting your students to be sure you’re not forgetting anyone. Nothing to report just getting ahead of it…
  • And our chairlift protocol is: when you are helping kids up a lift, please take only two at a time. When riding with kids, please do not sit on the end seats – take one of the center seats in order to have a better chance of helping if needed.
  • Monday evening training begins tomorrow for skiers, please be in pro room by 630PM ,session is from 7 to 9.
  • Snowboarders ; please let me know if you have an interest in Monday sessions, and if we get enough we will try and get it organized.


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