Academy News – March 3, 17

Hey all,

It’s the last week of our 9 week programs. This last memory is largely what they will remember of the season spent with us, so it’s very important to finish strong and be sure we plant the seed for next season.

I can tell all of you that I have had a very positive winter with very few negative issues that have  needed my attention, and that means you all did a great job teaching/entertaining your people.

Be sure you give out the report cards and stickers. Please return any remaining cards to your supervisor.

As the programs come to an end, the season marches on – we still have; Ontario March break week, walk-in privates to teach and a few special events like the pro race and masters finals.

Be sure you get/reserve your banquet ticket and book April 8th for the Awards dinner. Please buy/reserve now – 25$ cash at the Cage.

If you are certain of not returning before the banquet, you can leave your coat this weekend, otherwise do it on the last day you work. And that being said the season is far from over.

Still looking for award nominations. Once the list of nominees is complete I will post it on the blog.

All for now,


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