Academy News – March 29, 17

Hey all,

Looks like the sunshine will be with us this weekend, hope to see people get out and make some turns. Banquets tickets are on sale until Sunday. If you are done for the season, please return your jacket over the weekend.

The tentative plan:

Valley, Pineault, Skyline open Wed-Sunday (March 29-April 2).

Meech is closed for the season.

Skyline Open Monday-Sunday April 3-9.

Valley Open Saturday and Sunday, April 8 -9 and maybe Friday April 7

Skyline should stay open until Easter – subject to weather – so stay tuned.

 The Academy Banquet

I want to emphasize how important our end-of-season banquet is for the school and its instructors. We hand out many awards and recognize good work by many of our people. It’s always fun to see the various strata’s of our school come out and socialize. Dates and friends are welcome.

Be part of the scene, come out to applaud the winners. Get your tickets and/or reserve your spot(s) before this Sunday.

Trophies are being engraved as we text…

I need to know how many people will be attending in order to have the kitchen ready to serve all of you.


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