Academy News – Oct 10, 17

Hello all,

Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving weekend.

Last week I  attended a burial service for Josephine ( Jo) Markham, and her husband Phil Markham. I know you recognize that name , our MVP award is in his honor. It was a small group of family and they were very pleased to see the twenty or so names on the trophy.  Anne Coulson and current MVP Marty Holski were attending also. The plot is in Wakefield on the hill behind the Mill. I was happy to meet the family and close the circle , so to speak. Attached are a few pics , one is Phil’s last season’s pass. I would like to thank Anne for staying in touch with Jo Markham over the years and also Marty for making the time to attend the burial. Traditions are cool aren’t they.

I am still waiting for our new software to be installed so getting people up here to get organized will have to wait . I hope to have it going prior to our general meeting Nov 12th. Remember to check the December Training Schedule (link on the right side of this post, and please be sure you register on our site as one of the following;

  • a returning instructor (taught for the Academy last season),
  • new certified instructor (certified instructor who did not teach for us last year)
  • instructor candidate (would like to be an instructor)
  • Teaching Assistant.

I think that’s it for now. Pass on to anyone thinking of joining our team, looking forward to seeing you all and getting another season underway.


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