‘Twas the Night b4 Christmas…

And in the Pro room, Frank was all agog…
Where are all my instructors, so many haven’t given us the Nod.
If only Blitzen and Prancer could ride a ski or a board,
Then I’d be sure, of having my training squad.

Dasher and Prancer were needed to lend a hoof,
To help poor Frank off of the roof…
‘nough said… if I want to get paid!

Ok now back to business, we will reopen on the 26th and we look forward to a busy holiday season. For those that signed up for the Xmas Camp please be in the pro room by 8:45 on the 26th. Meeting at 9 am.

A reminder to all that if you drop in during the holidays we expect all to be available to teach privates. So always wear your jackets and be ready.

We will be using the weekend of the 6th and 7th of Jan  for training.  I do expect all to be on hand i.e. if you’re a sat or a sun instructor show up on the day you have committed to.

Supervisors will be drafting their staff and making plans for the 9 week programs.

Be here and don’t be left behind.

Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you all enjoy the holidays.

All for now,



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