Academy News – Feb 2, 18

Hey all

We are now at week 4 of the programs, in no particular order, the following needs to be done if not done already:

  • Be sure you have the correct spelling for names of the pupils in your class, both first and last name. Produce a clean class card.
  • Use the progress card to assess your pupils in preparation for final evaluations. See your supervisors for details.
  • Plan for having your final evaluations completed by week 6, in order to distribute by week 8 and 9.

We will have another social on week 6, Pizza, Beer, Soft drinks, to benefit the Norm Grondin Foundation.

Sat and Sun sessions be on snow at 8 am – this is for all.  Although not compulsory , keep in mind we do this for you and your development. There are also sessions on Monday evenings for ski and snowboard.

Speaking of development, please learn from the challenges you may encounter out there with your groups, and remember you are the main reason that they have fun and wish to improve. Take charge and have fun out there.!!!

The end of season banquet , “Academy Awards” will be on the 7th of April. Put that in your calendar, and keep an eye open for Fern (or the “What was I thinking?” award) candidates and you can also think of instructors you would nominate for the various awards.

Feb 21 to 23rd , there is a CSIA ‘Advanced teaching Module’ being offered at Camp Fortune in the evening. Go to to register. Must be a level two as a pre-requisite.

And for those looking for end of season deals … this just in from Jim Kennedy

Selling Head SuperShape Rally demo skis –  170cm w/binding @$600 tax in … click on the link above to contact Jim.

All for now,



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