Academy News

We now have an opening for a Supervisor position in the Ski Wee program.
I will accept expressions of interest over the next couple of weeks. My goal is to select someone by mid Dec. If you feel you are up to the challenge please communicate your interest to me via email
Job description
A person accepting the role of supervisor does so with an understanding of the following realities:
We need you to be a; leader, trainer, overseer, bookkeeper, collaborator, problem solver and committed to our success as a school.
Below are some of the traits needed

  • A take charge attitude.
  • Leadership skills, motivation skills, communication skills.
  • A solid understanding of pedagogy pertaining to riding and/or skiing.
  • Time management skills (balancing Paperwork and on snow time)
  • Full commitment to the school and a commitment to delivering the best service possible.
  • Problem solving.

Specific tasks

  • Supervisors select and assign instructors to groups.
  • Prepare class cards for the groups in their program.
  • Track hours taught for the instructors in the program. Prepare payroll report each weekend.
  • Organize and/or participate in on snow training.
  • Ensure that instructors are organized and give support where needed.
  • Supervision is the pathway to developing a great team, to that end it’s important to take any and every opportunity to shadow and evaluate instructors.
  • Have outdoor on snow presence while lessons are being taught.


  • Strong understanding of teaching skiing and or riding, level 3 + is an asset.
  • Proven experience in school operations.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Competence in French and English is an asset.
  • Team attitude.

François Bernier
Directeur, services sportifs
Camp Fortune
819-827-1717 poste 2202


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