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Academy News March 24th

Hey all,

Should be an interesting weekend . with new snow and mild weather.

For those that put their name in for Kids Up Front, please note that the event is postponed till next season. Thank you very much for your interest in making it happen .

Jackets they can be returned on the last day you come out. We want all jackets back by the weekend of the 15th and 16th of April. if you are planning on attending the Awards on the 15th it can be done then.

Additional nominees for awards. Privates Nicholas Bieri. Fern Superdave, Performance David Carlyle.

I would expect to see people out here skiing / riding since we have lots of snow and you now have the time to use the hill to its fullest. The best way to improve is to put in the mileage.

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
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Mob/cell 819-664-2471
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Academy News March 21rst

Boujour a tous,

Le printemps est ici et la température reste quand même assez froide pour que les conditions soit belle.

This time of year, we appreciate the hill and whatever sunshine we can get before it comes to an end.

March 22 last evening of skiing.

Starting the 23rd we will have new hours:

Weekday hours will change to 10 am to 6 pm.

Weekends 9 am to 4 pm.

We are still offering private lessons, until the 2nd of April. So both this weekend and the next.

This Sunday the 26th all staff are invited to a fun & games Après party beginning after skiing approx. 5 pm.

Summer employment, there are lots of fun summer jobs follow the link ,

Academy Awards.  April 15 , I had missed one nominee  Privates Gabriel Roy is also nominated.

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204 
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
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Academy Awards Nominations 2023

This seasons Nominees , Awards presented on the 15th ,

As always all our instructors and TA’s are important Thanks to all .

SKI WEE  Elise Davison,  Joseph Grguric, Luke Sipes, Michael Peters

SKI WEE    Anderson Storrie, Ksenia Klar,  Molly Carlson , Mia Forcier

Perfomance Enrico Piovesan, Janya Xie, James Griffin

All Mountain  Florence Duwiquet, Harrison Roach, Alexandra Blower ,

All Mountain  Jeremie Cadieux, Neil Sutherland, Hannah Feltham

ADULT Laird Roe, Francois Pomerleau ,

TA Award  Noah Mansouri, Elliot Stehr, Valeria Clavijo

TA Award  Alana Vennos, Chloe Wagner, Zachary Mansouri

Snowboard instructor Award Erin Viger, Patrick Bordeleau Kelly, Luke McCormick, Kieran Opazo-Bear

Rookie Snowboard Inst. Trevor Ryan, Thomas Larose, Matis Laboureur, London Lloyd

PRIVATES  Konrad Tabay ,Timothy Tao ,Will Michaud ,Tristan Michaud ,Nikki Jones ,Ethan Law

LIFE TIME ACIEVEMENT Mary Johansson , Jake Blair

101/MaNeige  Adam Ben Amar, Konrad Tabay ,London Lloyd

Full time Instrutor  Henry Hogeveen, Clayton Lauzon, Charlston Fairbairn

MVP MARKHAM AWARD Sean Delaney, Andre Trepanier, Francois Pomerleau

The Hearnden Leadership Award SJ Norman, Erin Hope, Mary Johannsen

Fern Joe Mclean, Patrick Hart, Neal Wilder ,Patti kuntz

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204 
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
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Academy News March16

Thank to all for your help this week on the Ontario Break.

Our season is still going and you can expect good skiing/riding. Now is the time for you to get out here and enjoy some skiing .

This weekend we will have Level 1 , 2 and 3 CSIA courses.

i will be sending out the nomenies for our Awards in the next couple of days, stay tuned and mark your calendar for the 15th of April.

All for now

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204 
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
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Below is a reminder to participate in the Ontario National board representative election.

Good morning,

First of all thanks for all the feedback and support over the last couple months.  And to all those that have welcomed me at your ski areas I truly appreciate it.  We are at the stage now where we need to get our membership to get involved and VOTE.  Below is a small note with the link to vote that I would ask that you share with your ski school.  All the staff have to do is click on the link and login and Vote for the most unique name.  

Thanks for all your help,


For those of you that don’t know CSIA has a VOTE that all members can be involved in.  You get to have a say on who is the next Ontario representative on the National Board.  Yes that right you do not have to be 18 to vote.  All you have to do is follow the directions below login to the CSIA website and voice your opinion.  

Eligible Members from the Ontario Region can cast their vote:

  • Electronically by accessing their online Member’s Profile (login on; the ballot can be found by clicking the Member Area section and then Online Vote. Once completed, click on the SUBMIT button; or;
  • Contact the National Office, at 1-800-811-6428 ext. 221 or by email at, for a PDF copy of the ballot that can be completed and submitted by mail, fax or email. The submission information is included on the ballot.


Academy News march 11

Merci a tous pour le bon travail cette saison.

Thank for a great 9-week program.

The season is not over with the Ontario March break and privates until the end of march.

If you are working the break? Please be in the pro room by 9 am Monday for a meeting.

Let remember that the clocks move forward in the morning see you all in the morning.

Academy Awards April 15 5 to 7, put it in your calendar, more info and nominations to come.

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204 
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

Important for CSIA Ontario Members

Please reference below your need to provide a proxy by March 18th or attend the zoom meeting on March 23rd to remove the CSIA National Chair. Your vote is very important in this matter.



Notice: Special Meeting of the Members of Ontario 
 Following the support and request from members in Ontario, the CSIA Ontario board has called a Special Meeting of the Members March 23rd at 8PM to change the CSIA National Board representative for Ontario.

There are many organizational issues that have led to our region calling this meeting, amongst them:

The National Board member for Ontario (and National Board Chair) recorded (without permission) private in-camera sessions of the National Board and posted those videos to the public internet.   These videos breached the privacy of the other National Board members, and showed a board that is dysfunctional, conflicted and not able to exercise their oversight, fiduciary, and strategic planning duties.  Despite numerous attempts to handle this situation privately which have been declined, the situation has now risen to a level that we must inform the membership and meet to remove the National Board representative for Ontario.

There are two ways you can help get the organization back on track: 

1.  Register to attend the Special Meeting of the Members and vote for a new direction for Ontario. 

A virtual meeting will be held (on Zoom) by clicking the button below you can register.  Once you have registered and your active member status in CSIA Ontario has been verified you will be sent online voting and meeting details. ZOOM MEETING REGISTRATION
2. Submit a Confidential Proxy Vote if you are unable to attend in person. 

Every member of CSIA Ontario can help change our direction.  You can submit a proxy to the Secretary of the board to vote on your behalf or to a member that will be attending the meeting in person.  You easily submit your proxy by clicking the button below:
 SUBMIT A PROXYAdditional resources relating to the need for this meeting, it’s purpose and outcomes will be circulated in the coming days.For any issues registering for the meeting, submitting your proxy or other questions you can email: or call: CSIA Ontario Director Antony Niro, P. Eng. directly at +14168466476

 For Meeting Agenda and Details visit the following link: Official Notice of the Special Meeting of the Members March 23, 2023
Thank you for your support.  

CSIA Ontario Board 

To make sure you keep getting these emails, please add to your address book or allow list. Want out of the loop? Unsubscribe.

1 First St Suite 220, Collingwood, ON L9Y 1A1

Academy news march 6

Bonjour a tous,

Les programmes du dimanche son terminer, un gros merci à tous les moniteurs, un autre Samedi à faire.

We will be busy with the march breaks for the next two weeks, thanks to all who signed up to be here and teach. We will be doing privates until the 26th of march.

Remember the Award will be on the 15th of April between 5 and 7 pm. Parents and alumni are welcome.

How we finish the season is what is remembered .

Special message to all of our Ontario CSIA members.

Between March 15th and April 15th this spring. The Ontario region is holding and election for the next person to represent on the national board of the CSIA.

One of our Camp Fortune Alumni is running for this important volunteer position. Many of our past instructors will remember Gunars Kazaks, he began his ski teaching career as a TA, then as an instructor and at on time was my assistant director. His career has brought to various hills, he is now a Level 4 CC skiing out of Calabogie.

Gunars is deserving of your support, there are important decisions being made that affect our organization and I believe Gunars is worthy of our trust. I believe he has at heart, best interests of instructors and the ski industry in general.

All Ontario residents need to do is Vote. Should you want to ask a question. Gunars Kazaks

In due time I will forward a link to facilitate voting.

All for now

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204 
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

Academy news March 3rd

Bonjour a tous, hey all,

Avec la neige qui se pointe sur nous ce soir, je croix que la photo demain matin sera remise à 15h30 en après-midi.

With the snow overnight and in the morning, we will plan to take the Saturday photo at 3;30 pm.

Ski Wee dress up day, costumes are encouraged , please be sure kids and instructors are not wearing outfits the could snag on chairlifts.

Important request; we need to know who will be here on the 12th 18 19 25 26 of March. Even if the programs will be done we can still give you work with privates that could be booked in advance.

To that end please confirm you want to be here for privates (9 to 4)   I will compile a list for each of the days mentioned and book privates.

March breaks, those that signed up be here by 9 am please.  

We will be holding our Academy Awards presentation on the 15th of April. It’s a sat between 5 and 7. Cocktails and snacks at 5 pm, awards begin at 6 pm should be done by 7pm.

All are invited and parents are encouraged to attend, also a good time for alumni to show up and see friends. More info as spring goes on.

Lastly, we will be hosting Kids up front Home – Kids Up Front on the 25th of march. This is a community group focused on providing life/sports experiences for young people. There will be approx. 40 skiers all beginners and requiring help to learn and hopefully get up the chair to Allen’s Alley. This will be a three-hour mission and I am looking for a team.

All for now

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204 
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
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