Academy News – Dec 31, 15

Hello all,

I would like to remind all that we are operating and teaching many privates these days, we are unfortunately turning away snowboard privates because of a lack of instructors to teach them.
I want to remind everyone that if you’re here we expect you to be available to teach. This means be at the bottom of Pineault lift every hour on the half. Be in uniform.
It is also expected that you be here for the day. This coming weekend is the last prior to the programs beginning and I know we will be busy with privates and beginner specials.
Supervisors will be drafting their crews over the weekend.

This is mainly meant as a “ hey winter is here, so I expect to see you here also”


Instructor Handbook – Our instructor Handbook has gone digital. Notre guide pour instructeurs est digital.

  • Français format PDF Ici
  • English PDF Version Here

Happy New Year to all…

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