Academy News – Jan 8, 2016

Hello All:

The big show starts tomorrow morning and Sunday morning,

This is a final reminder for all to be in pro room by 8 am in order to allow supervisors to get you and themselves organized.

8;30 – General meeting/ pep talk for the day ahead ( I will be looking for a few people that don’t have programs to work the welcome table for pass distribution)

8;45  – All hands on snow ( either at a program meeting areas or with Max at the privates area).

As you all know if you’re here you teach, we are a team and getting the job done is our purpose.

All for now, see you in the morning.
PS, please park in the lower lot near pump house and a note to parents dropping off their kids please do so in front of the patrol shack in order to avoid blocking access to the far lot.

Francois Bernier


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