Attention Snow Boarders

Hello all snowboarders!

Snowboard Instructors:
We will be drafting instructors into groups at 8:15 AM on Saturday and Sunday for the nine week program. If you want a chance to work programs on Saturday or Sunday, you must meet us with your green jacket at the back of the Pro Room at 8:15 AM. Even if you’re not assigned a program at 8:15 AM, please still come to the black flag at the beginning of every program as more students may show up and you may still have a chance of receiving an assignment for the season.

At the moment, there are more instructors requesting to work Saturdays than there are groups, and more groups than instructors requesting to work on Sundays. If you can be flexible with your day, you could have a better chance at being assigned a program.

Snowboard TAs:
Please meet Ashley in the back of the Pro Room at 8:30 AM with both your completed forms. Don’t forget, in order to complete all your hours, you are requested to be at the hill both Saturday and Sunday this weekend only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ashley at

Thanks and see you all this weekend,
Ezio and Ashley

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