Academy News: Jan 27,16

Hello all,

More hills opening this weekend and the weather looks good. So I am hoping to see as many of you as possible over the weekend. On that note I would remind all that a commitment is a commitment , I understand that exams are important, but I also know that evenings are open for studying. We ask for a 9 day availability, I don’t feel it’s that much to ask. Just saying ?!
I would ask that for the next week or so if anyone is able to be here on an off day to let Joe In All Mtn know. Text or call him at 613-261-9278.

The Park is now operational. I would ask that anyone with small children stay out of the jump line. Ski Wee kids are often too small to go up and over the rollers and will be at risk if they fall. Please use skiers’ left if skiing/riding in the park and be sure your kids are safe at all times.

I am looking for an instructor to do privates every Sunday at 11:20, this is for a 3 year old that can ski. This would be for multiple weeks, contact me if you are not otherwise booked.

To all those that have groups on the carpet, it’s now time to get up a chairlift and put in some mileage. To be sure, check with your supervisors to be sure it appropriate. Also I was noticing a few instructor teaching at the bottom in ski boots only, although it may seem easier and you feel more mobile , it’s better to have your skis on in order to demonstrate and ski backwards to support your pupils if needed.

All for now, see you on the weekend.

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204
Mob/cell 819-664-2471

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