Academy News – Feb 21, 16

Hello all,

Some news for the next few weeks:

Dates to keep in mind.
End of Programs: 5th and 6th of March: we will hold a social after the 3rd lesson of the day in the pro room ( 4 to 5 or so). The goal is to raise funds for the Norm Grondin Memorial Foundation Bursary Program. To that end we will have; pizza, soft drinks and beer available for a small donation.
Donations are also accepted at the cage- please keep in mind that this is a school initiative that supports our top TAs and helps them pay for their level 1. So be sure to have some coin to contribute.

Quebec March Break –  Feb. 29th to March 5th: we will be happy to see instructors come out and help out with lessons, register at the cage.

Ontario March Break –   14th to 18th: we will be happy to see instructors come out and help out with lessons, register at the cage.

As we come to the end of the programs it’s very important to remember that it’s how we finish that’s important, our customers will go away with a great feeling and that’s what will bring them back next year. For the last few weeks be sure goals are attained, have fun, explore new runs and do your usual great job.

The Academy Banquet is set for April 16th , price $25. We will be looking into running a bus for this event, but first we need to know if it’s of interest to enough people, so if you think it would be convenient please check in at the cage.

The Fern Award: given to the person that has had the best adventure/bad luck/poor decision making event of the season. If you have a nominee please forward a short story about it to me. This is by applause and the more entries we have the more entertaining it is.

Monday evening session, I will not be able to do again this week, maybe the next week…

We will be holding an information and recruiting day on Sunday the 20th , if you have friends that would be interested let them know. If you’re a TA this is also a good day to take training. This is a free daylong session to evaluate skills and inform people as to how to get involved with the school. More details to follow.

All for now

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