Academy News – Feb 26, 16


Hello all,
The snow is great and the rain did not damage conditions 😀 . This being week 8 we will be handing out the feedback sheets along with Academy stickers and a voucher for the Aerial Park.
Look forward to seeing all over the weekend. On Sunday we will have a large group of beginners and we will need to man the carpet area to help these people get some notion of turning and stopping before they head up a chairlift. To that end I would be happy to see as many hands on deck as possible, privates will also be busy. So spending an off day at the hill would be appreciated.
The Academy Banquet is set for the 16th of April, cost 25$. Tickets are on sale at the cage. Awards are a big part of the evening and your input is appreciated, so I encourage you to nominate instructors with a short reasoning and email me at .

Awards are;

  • Ski Wee (male &female),
  • All Mtn (male &female),
  • All Mtn Performance,
  • Adult,
  • TA Ski (male &female) ,
  • TA Snowboard,
  • Snowboard weekend,
  • Privates,
  • Lifetime Achievement Award,
  • Fulltime ski and snowboard,
  • MVP Markham Award,
  • Dave Hearnden Leadership Award,
  • and last, but not least, the FERN.

Quebec March break starts Monday, just reminding those that have committed to the program.

It would be nice to have as many Pics as possible to the banquet slide show, please send what you have to .

All for now


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