Academy News – Jan 1, 2017

Happy new year all,

Hope everyone has a safe and fun evening, I also hope some of you will be nice enough to join me at the hill on the 1st. As we will have some people looking for privates.

Next week we should have privates every day as the kids are not back in school yet. Hoping many of you will be around to teach/ski/ride.

The Big Show starts on the 7th and 8th. I expect everyone to be at the hill for 8am as it will take a bit of time for our supervisors to sort out their people.

A few simple rules of thumb; as the 9 week program begins

  • When you commit to a day , it means all day. i.e. until 4 pm.
  • If you are not teaching a group, you are to report to privates every hour on the half hour.
  • Be sure to have your coat on when you are at the hill.
  • It is understood that whenever you are at the hill, you are available teach, whether it’s your scheduled day or not.
  • Should you find that you are unable to help us, no problem just return your coat.
  • The only reason we asked if you wanted 2 or 3 starts is because we want those that really want 3 to get 3. If you asked for 2 start refer to the 1st  rule.
  • Be on time. Be happy to be here.

All said we have a good # of people on our lists, and I look forward to a great season of teaching skills development.

We are a big group, and the strength of our team is each individuals’ commitment to our collective success.




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