Academy News -Jan 12, 17

From Franks desk:

Hey all,
After a great start to our 9 week programs, here we go with week 2. We have accepted a few more people in each program and I know we will have a few new instructors beginning this weekend.

Those that have groups should give some thought to a lesson plan with a few variations for the weekend, always good to have a few ideas as to what you would like to teach them.

I also want to remind all that Pinault is a park, so if you go down the hill-please be aware of the jumps and their landings, use caution and be sure you’re not placing your students in a bad spot.

Weekend morning sessions will begin this Jan 14, 7:30 am in the Pro Room, on snow for 8:00 AM, for both instructors and TAs.  Monday evening sessions will also begin Jan 16 – be in the pro room by 630 to be on-snow for 7 PM.

Teaching Tasks for the weekend:

  • Keep up the stance & balance drills
  • Mileage is important
  • Choose appropriate terrain to get results
  • Pivoting  is turning  your feet without turning the body
  • You will encourage movement to help this happen

Suggested Exercises (select according to class ability):

  • Ski with a very narrow stance, then wide stance
  • Ski without poles: Hands up high, then behind back, then crossed in front
  • Stepping – 100 step turns, slow then fast  – Stepping Turns
  • Brush out uphill foot while traversing, then reverse direction and brush out the other foot
  • Hockey stops in the fall line – Hockey Stops.
  • stem turns
  • on-snow 360s – On-snow 360s




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