Academy News – Jan 27, 17

Norm Grondin Fundraiser Ski Auction:

Just a reminder that your bid for the Elan Amphibios 14 skis must be received by 2:59 PM on Sunday…

Monday Night Training:

Monday night ski improvement for instructors runs every Monday night 7-9PM. Its a great way to get some solid ski improvement tips from senior instructors and is free to Camp Fortune Academy ski instructors.

Week #4 outline:

  • Edging can be introduced, first skidding and then refined to a more steered turn
  • Edge control is important at all levels
  • Choose flat terrain for best results
  • Students must be centered to achieve success!

Sample Exercises:

  • bounce while traversing to center body over skis
  • bounce to start turn
  • Falling Leaf sideslips – shift fore and aft
  • Traverse, sideslip, Traverse sequence
  • Hockey slips and stops
  • Traverse in pairs across the slope – downhill person lightly pulls sideways on uphill person
  • Snowplow crab turns – snowplow down fall line, then set one inside edge to move sideways across the hill like a crab, release edge and set other inside edge. Repeat.

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