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Academy News – Feb 9, 17

Hello all,

We are coming up on week 6 of the programs and our weekday school programs are also entering the busy phase. The important take away is; be here for your commitment and if possible we would love to see you on other days. We are a big group but without individuals pitching in we can easily struggle at getting the job done.

YOU are the most important person we have.

It’s time to think of the March Breaks, Quebec Feb. 27 to March 3 –  Ontario break March 13 to 17 , we count on you for extra help for those weeks. If you’re interested in teaching, the sign-up sheets are in the cage. And tell us if you want 3 , 4 or 5 days.

Tips for the weekend;

My kids are still in a snowplow: mileage is important and here a few drills to help develop better steering and the ability to turn both skis at the same time.

  • Hockey stops,
  • forward side slips,
  • hop turns,
  • use convex terrain (translation from ski school director language: small bumps) to help the turning  effort.

My students are in back seat and static: 

  • Boot touch to outside,
  • hands on knees,
  • tall then small turns

All for now

Academy News: Feb 1, 2017

Hey all,

Entering week 5 of the programs. All is well let keep up the good work . I want to remind all that safety on the slopes is #1.

Lift Safety

Before getting on a lift with a student/client, inform them of the following:

 How to sit on the chair lift;

 How to lower the bar;

 How to behave on the chair lift;

 How and when to lift the safety bar;

 How to get off the chair lift; and,

 Where to meet the group;


Loading is the key to a safe ride, if having trouble loading,

1-    Yell for lift to be stopped.

2-    Do not hold pupil, rather let the student fall before getting too high.

3-    If standing in line be a team player and notice others loading to be sure all is well.

4-    Lastly , be aware, be engaged and be ready.

Thing to help you plan you lesson this weekend.

Module 4

 Edging can be introduced first skidding then refined to a more steered turn

 Edge control is important at all levels

 Choose flat terrain for best results

 Students must be centered to achieve success

Module 5

 Once the student is centered, steering, and able to edge, it’s time to “have fun”

 New hills, bumps, more speed, long and short turns, excite them

I am looking for three instructors wanting to teach a 1 hour  ski lesson ( request rate 25$) with a group of students Saturday between 4 and 5 pm. Easy work for extra cash.

Reply to

Anyone free to help out tomorrow Thursday, we could use you around 3:30-4:00 pm, thanks in advance to those that can be here.

We’re looking for a full time snowboarder, let us know if you can teach during the week, even if it’s not every day.

All for now


Academy News – Jan 27, 17

Norm Grondin Fundraiser Ski Auction:

Just a reminder that your bid for the Elan Amphibios 14 skis must be received by 2:59 PM on Sunday…

Monday Night Training:

Monday night ski improvement for instructors runs every Monday night 7-9PM. Its a great way to get some solid ski improvement tips from senior instructors and is free to Camp Fortune Academy ski instructors.

Week #4 outline:

  • Edging can be introduced, first skidding and then refined to a more steered turn
  • Edge control is important at all levels
  • Choose flat terrain for best results
  • Students must be centered to achieve success!

Sample Exercises:

  • bounce while traversing to center body over skis
  • bounce to start turn
  • Falling Leaf sideslips – shift fore and aft
  • Traverse, sideslip, Traverse sequence
  • Hockey slips and stops
  • Traverse in pairs across the slope – downhill person lightly pulls sideways on uphill person
  • Snowplow crab turns – snowplow down fall line, then set one inside edge to move sideways across the hill like a crab, release edge and set other inside edge. Repeat.