Academy News – Feb 9, 17

Hello all,

We are coming up on week 6 of the programs and our weekday school programs are also entering the busy phase. The important take away is; be here for your commitment and if possible we would love to see you on other days. We are a big group but without individuals pitching in we can easily struggle at getting the job done.

YOU are the most important person we have.

It’s time to think of the March Breaks, Quebec Feb. 27 to March 3 –  Ontario break March 13 to 17 , we count on you for extra help for those weeks. If you’re interested in teaching, the sign-up sheets are in the cage. And tell us if you want 3 , 4 or 5 days.

Tips for the weekend;

My kids are still in a snowplow: mileage is important and here a few drills to help develop better steering and the ability to turn both skis at the same time.

  • Hockey stops,
  • forward side slips,
  • hop turns,
  • use convex terrain (translation from ski school director language: small bumps) to help the turning  effort.

My students are in back seat and static: 

  • Boot touch to outside,
  • hands on knees,
  • tall then small turns

All for now

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