Academy News -February 15,

Hey all,

As we approach the Family day weekend, I would  ask that those of you that teach one day a weekend be kind enough to come out on both days. It would be a great help to the supervisors if people were to give us a bit of extra time to make up for the absent instructors.

We will also need extra bodies on Monday as its Family day and we will have lots of lessons, many hands make light work.

Also please note that we will have a meeting both Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:15 to go over our new report cards.

All Mountain info below;  and I am sure Ski Wee will need spare instructors also.

“Can you please post a request for instructors will to help out with the All Mountain program this weekend.

Looking for 3 or 4 instructors for Saturday, 5-6 for Sunday.

Please request them to contact me at either, or 613-261-9278.”

We will also need a few extra Snowboard Instructors  for tomorrow during the day – if you are able to help out please let the cage know at 819-827-1717 ext 2223 or 

The Academy banquet is set for the 8th of April, more details to follow.

We are having a great year, let’s keep it going. Have to say its perhaps the best season ever as far as our team goes. Keep up the good work all.

All for now see you on the weekend.


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