Academy News – Frb 24, 17

Hey all,

Week 8 is here and I hope you will be able to give out most of your report cards , please think of keeping them in a baggie to ensure they stay dry.

A few simple things to keep in mind on the second to last week.

  • Review and put it all together · By now you should be able to give your pupils a clear picture of how they ski/ride and suggest simple ways to move forward · It’s feel good time · Positive! Positive! Positive!
  • School Social 4 pm both Saturday and Sunday (pizza, beer and soft drinks), and we will attempt a group picture of the various programs, . Once again all to the benefit of the NGBF for TA’s.

Academy Banquet tickets will be on sale as of the weekend in the cage(25$). Let’s start planning for it. We have many awards to hand out and I will need nominations for the following:

  • SKI WEE program, male and female instructor of the year,
  • All Mountain male and female instructor of the year,
  • ADULT program instructor of the year,
  • Performance programs (ski wee and all mountain).
  • Ski and snowboard TA awards.
  • Snowboard program awards
  • Full-timers awards.
  • Lifetime Achievement award.
  • The Markham Award ( MVP),
  • Dave Hearnden Award ( Leadership)
  • Fern Award, this is given out for the most humorous event or mishap of the season, voted by applause. If you have a story let me know.

Please send any nominations to me at

We can use snowboarders for the Quebec and Ontario March break, so please sign up if you can help.

All for now, see you on the weekend.


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