Academy News: Feb 1, 2017

Hey all,

Entering week 5 of the programs. All is well let keep up the good work . I want to remind all that safety on the slopes is #1.

Lift Safety

Before getting on a lift with a student/client, inform them of the following:

 How to sit on the chair lift;

 How to lower the bar;

 How to behave on the chair lift;

 How and when to lift the safety bar;

 How to get off the chair lift; and,

 Where to meet the group;


Loading is the key to a safe ride, if having trouble loading,

1-    Yell for lift to be stopped.

2-    Do not hold pupil, rather let the student fall before getting too high.

3-    If standing in line be a team player and notice others loading to be sure all is well.

4-    Lastly , be aware, be engaged and be ready.

Thing to help you plan you lesson this weekend.

Module 4

 Edging can be introduced first skidding then refined to a more steered turn

 Edge control is important at all levels

 Choose flat terrain for best results

 Students must be centered to achieve success

Module 5

 Once the student is centered, steering, and able to edge, it’s time to “have fun”

 New hills, bumps, more speed, long and short turns, excite them

I am looking for three instructors wanting to teach a 1 hour  ski lesson ( request rate 25$) with a group of students Saturday between 4 and 5 pm. Easy work for extra cash.

Reply to

Anyone free to help out tomorrow Thursday, we could use you around 3:30-4:00 pm, thanks in advance to those that can be here.

We’re looking for a full time snowboarder, let us know if you can teach during the week, even if it’s not every day.

All for now


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