Academy News – Sept. 7/17

Hello all,

I hope you all have had a great summer, and are beginning to think about the snowy season. It’s still some time off, but we will be back on snow quicker than we think.

This coming season we will be changing a few systems at the hill:

  1. We will have RFID passes. This means that lift access will be controlled by a gate that will read a chip card in order to open.
  2. These cards will have access to the user’s info and individual history. The cards will be issued and used for years as opposed to reissuing tickets and passes daily or yearly.
  3. For instructors and TAs these cards will be validated in the pro room to allow lift access.
  4. We will have much more info as we get closer to skiing/riding; this is just a heads up.

We are also re-setting our instructor data base, in order to eliminate old info and have a clean list from which to manage the school. This means we will be asking for everyone to fill out their coordinates this September (online).

You are either:

  1. A returning instructor (active last season);
  2. A certified instructor, either new or returning after some time away;
  3. An instructor candidate (un-certified);
  4. A TA age 13 or 14 ( Dec. 30th) volunteering to assist with kids. Please note that age 15 and up must become instructors.

And now for the big change.  We will need for everyone to come up to the hill and register for the new pass system, as this is a different and separate system.  We will need you present to take a photo and fill out forms.  This will be done on a couple of Saturdays or Sundays in October. To be as efficient as possible we may ask for people to come up based on the alphabet i.e.: first initial of last name

To do this, instructors will need to be up-to-date – meaning that dues have to be paid (current season card or receipt will be needed as proof of payment), the commitment sheet needs to be completed on-line and so on. You will have to be totally ready in order to complete the process.

Over the years we have let people complete their info as we go into December, but because the new system will require pre-programming, it will be impossible to simply hand out lift passes on your first day as it would take too long. It will be better to have all our returning and certified people ready to go early.

In summary, action points are as follows:

  1. Register online. The Academy website will be ready on Friday afternoon (see my signature for the link)
  2. If you are certified (CSIA, CSCF, CASI) please pay your dues.
  3. Await further instructions as to when we will see you next.

Please take notice that all further info will be sent to registered people only. Don’t be shy to pass on to friends that may want to join the fun (:

All for now,


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