Academy News, Nov 8, 17

Hi all

Things are coming together for the season, the weather is getting colder and snowmaking is ready to go at our first opportunity.

Our General meeting is this Sunday at 10 am. The meeting will not take more than an hour,  we will be activating passes and handing out coats to returning instructors only.

In order to get pass and coat, the following must be completed:

  1. Online registration.
  2. Have your current id  (CSIA, CSCF, CASI) or proof of payment .
  3. Have a signed Instructor agreement.

The plan is to get our returning instructors processed and then we will get the new people processed after the hiring clinic is done. Let’s make sure we all have registered online and have paid our dues.

Un-certified candidates and TAs will be given passes once training begins. Until then we will produce daily tickets.

See you all on Sunday.


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