Academy News: Dec 1,17

Hey all,

The hill will be open on Friday (Pinnault only), for sat and sun we will also have Meech (Paradise). Hiring clinic on Sat, looking forward to seeing our new people on snow. For our returning instructors and TAs training will begin the 9th and 10th of Dec.

Let’s all be sure we are following the blog, I know you are because you are receiving this, if a friend of yours is not please tell them to follow the blog, cause apparently they don’t listen to me (-:

Many have said they are returning, but few have completed the process. Please don’t wait till the last minute to get it done.

If anyone is not returning  to teach we would appreciate the jacket being returned before we have to go looking for it.

Remember the food bank box in the pro room, please and thank you.

All I have for now


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