Acdemy News – Dec 3, 17

Hey all,

Yesterday’s Hiring Clinic was well attended. Great to see so many new people planning on joining our team, hoping that we see you all take the pre-course,  and work towards your certification.

Je veux aussi souligner que les sessions pour les aides moniteur,  moniteur et le pré-stage, débute la fin de semaine prochaine. So to that end, I would expect our staff to be here over the next couple of weekends in order to get up to speed technically and be ready for the holiday season .

Performance Programs will be looking for a few good Men/ Women , if your able to commit speak with Clayton  next weekend . This is a 15 day program beginning Dec 16th.

Privates Program, these are the instructors that commit to privates and get booked for Sat and or Sun all winter. if your able to commit contact Roger or SJ for now please contact

All program supervisors will be drafting people from the active list so be sure you get organized in order to be selected, this does not apply to our new candidates you will be added in as you get cert.

Hill will be open next Friday , Sat and Sun.  see you then.

All for now, will be reachable via email only this week.




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