Academy News – Jan 25, 18

Hey all,

Let me start by thanking all those that have been working the last few weekends, all programs have started and the classes should be fairly set. We have done a great job of dealing with the various adjustments that are always needed. Keep up the good work – it’s important to be sure you communicate with your supervisors should you have an issue.

Reminder to: Greet customers, Engage the group, Count your students and be sure they are all there with you. Always take time to debrief and give feed back to the group at the end of class.

Basically, be in charge. Chair safety is a constant and that being said, please use the Pineault Triple when feasible, don’t stand in the quad line up while the triple has nobody. The ski wee groups should be using triple since you are only able to bring two kids up at a time.

Progress cards, every instructor will pick up a progress card for each class they teach and keep track of your groups progress, this will serve as a guide for the final card each pupil will receive on week 7 of the program. It also serves as a guide for their skill development.

There will be an “All staff party “ on Sunday  5 pm to 10 pm (or your bed time, whichever comes first), this is for staff only.  Please RSVP if you’re planning on attending. Call ext. 2223 or email  .

We will also be doing Lift Evacuation Training  on Sunday right after the hill closes (4:15pm) on the Clifford chair. All are welcome to come out and learn the process. We will probably never need to do it, but an annual refresher exercise is a good idea.  We will load 4 chairs and get people off of the chairs using the rope evacuation system. You can be in chair or be helping lower people. This will wrap up before 5:30PM.

All for now


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