Hello all,

Have a list of important items to cover. As we enter the last month and a half of the season, we need to be aware of the following :

March Breaks begin next week with QC (Mar 5-8), and the following week for ON (Mar 12-15). If you’re keen, sign up at the cage.

I am taking awards nominations: please send your nominations to fbernier@campfortune.comBanquet is on the 7th of April.

Important to know that the season extends well past the 9 week programs with lots of opportunities to work during the march breaks and privates on weekends into April.

Joe, Josh and Eva really appreciated the extra help last weekend – thank you very much to everyone who covered classes. We are looking for help again this coming weekend from 4 instructors on Saturday and 1-2 on Sunday. Contact

Jacket return will start the weekend of the 24th and 25th of March. And the last weekend for returns will be April 8th. IMPORTANT: the last paycheck will actually be a check, not direct deposit, and will require you to hand in your coat in order to pick up your pay.  We expect the coat to be washed and on a hanger.

All for now.


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