Academy News – Mar 11, 18

Hi All:

March break reminder: Meeting at 9 am Monday. For those working please be on time – the pro room will be open as of 8:15 AM. Thank you in advance to all who signed up to work.

Lift Evac feedback: Saturday’s events were something the area plans for, but hopes to never have to do. I want to say that all went well, our planning and the execution of the plan went as well as can be expected. Thank you to all the people that found themselves on evac crews, and also those that made sure the rest of the school kept functioning throughout the  process.

I was very impressed with the team work. A special mention for Maxime Cordier, he kept his student warm by removing his jacket to cover him, great job – if you have to miss school due to catching a cold, we can give you a note.

Remember that the season keeps on ticking;

  • March break programs
  • Weekend Privates
  • Kids up front
  • Academy Banquet
  • Pro race

I want to thank everyone for finishing the 9 week program – as we all know your individual efforts make the difference for all the clients we teach .

We will be accepting instructor jacket returns as of the 23, 24 and 25th of March , clean and on a hanger. Or any weekend until the 7th of April.

For those of you who have pictures of instructors on snow and wish to share them, please send them to and we will create a slideshow for the banquet.

All for now




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