Hey all,

The last week of programs is here, but we are not finished our season yet , this week was the Quebec break and next week is the Ont. Break. Thanks to those that have committed to work those weeks, we could use a few more for the Ontario week. So don’t be shy let us know we can count on you. On weekends we are still providing privates and beginner specials.

If you’re working Ont. break, please be here for the 9am meeting.

As well we will have special events going that may require help.

A few dates to remember;

March 24th we are host a ‘Kids up Front “ ski day”, we will need instructors to teach 100 kids how to ski. It will be a fun day helping some young people get their first experience on snow.

March 25th Card board sled race, we have 60 entries and will need to put together an event crew to handle things.

Easter egg hunt will also require a few bodies, more details to follow.

Date Change:

Due to scheduling problems, the Academy Banquet has been moved to April 6, 2018. Tickets are $25 per person and pre-paid reservations can be made at the Cage (debit or credit only please).

Pro race on the Sunday the 8th of April.

All for now

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