Academy news April 5

Hey all ,

Thanks for a great season and yes Its not over yet. Pro room will be open this weekend and privates may still happen if your around. This is the time to return your Jackets if its not already done. Pro race on Sunday . Below are the winner of our awards.

ProgramYearDay (Sa, Su, WD, N)winners
SKI WEE 2019Owen James
SKI WEE 2019Holly McGregor
All Mountain perfomance2019Robert Stapleton
All Mountain 2019Drew Fraser-Leach 
All Mountain 2019Clarke Phillips 
ADULT2019Zoran Galin
TA – SKI 2019Alexis Carrier
TA – SKI 2019Denis Djemilov
TA – SKI 2019Genevieve Griffin
Snowboard  TA2019Grant LI 
snowboard rookie  Award2019Cameron Porter
snowboard rookie  Award2019Vincent Sobczak
Snowboard instructor Award2019Jacob Sauve 
Snowboard instructor Award2019Sebastien Bondarenko
Ski Wee performance2019Gabriel Cousineau
PRIVATES Kevin D’aoust 
PRIVATES 2019Remi LaFleur 
Full time Instrutor 2019Bob Einarsson
MVP MARKHAM AWARD2019Kelsey-Ann Dowling
The Hearnden Leadership Award2019Josh Cassidy McDowell
Goggle tan awardMary Johanssen
Fern Award2019Jake Blair

I have a few Mugs that were not picked up, come up and get them .

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