Academy news Feb 17

Thanks to all for this past weekend, we were busy and the hill was crowded. But you all made it work , and it was appreciated. I have a few Honorable mentions but please be sure that everyone is included in this thank you.

I would say the  whole ‘101 /Ma Neige’ team was exceptional in the way they dealt with the challenges that faced us, with many of our clients not being able to get started until an hour into the lessons. They all took extra time and care to ensure the best possible experience. Beryl Corber, Alexis Carrier, Eryn Ede, Lee Jing, Carolyn Mitrow, Jacob Percival, Rob Isabelle, Nicholas Bieri, Ben Kuntz, Mathieu Guingo, Daniel Lavigne, Yusen Qiu, Radek Konsztowicz and Audrey Heng 

Patient, professional and positive. We could not ask for more.


Big thanks to our two-day instructors, who show up every weekend, and made sure things went especially smoothly on this hectic weekend:

John McIsaac, Holly McGregor, Aidan Roscoe, Alexis Daoust

Family Weekend extra help:

Each of these instructors came in on a usual day off and offered invaluable support for SkiWee. 

Dylan Soussan, Warwick Allen, Laura Davies, Anna Manolache , Jason Yang, Katie Pearson, Conor Roche, Corey Cao, Carolyn Su.

Mary Johannsen supported TAs and skied with SkiWee groups on Allen’s Alley as an extra set of hands. 

All of the SkiWee instructors who had students on the magic carpets and Allen’s Alley took great care to keep their little ones safe, even when other new skiers were having difficulty with their safety. 

A special thanks to the operations staff: especially our lift operators who took great care of our little ones. The Pineault lift operators were especially careful with our littlest lift riders, many of whom were on the lift for the first time this weekend. 


I have three names for your honour roll Call this weekend. 

1. Remi Lafleur for stepping in on his lunch hour to satisfy an unhappy client and her child from ski wee giving them a helping hand for 45 minutes. 

2. Meghan Jay graciously gave up her lunch hour to teach two young ladies who were over an hour late for their Private lesson with Andre because of the long wait lines in the rental shop.

3. Patti Kuntz for working her lunch hour 5 weeks in a row due to double booking in Customer Service scheduling. 

Again thank you all, and be sure you let us know if you can teach march breaks.

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

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