Academy News April 8th

J’espère que tous se porte bien et que les consignes sont suivies, its a community effort to get our lives back to normal, that said , I am hoping you are all well .

We will be happy to put this behind us and resume normal life such as it will be. Below are the Nominees for the Academy Awards. No date for our banquet yet but it will more than likely be in the Fall.

I would remind everyone that; you are all important and in one way or another deserving of an award. Thanks to all of our instructors and TAs for a great season. I look forward to announcing the winners at the Banquet.

SKI WEE Anna ManolacheFrankie CurlookRomey KarovitchEmily Stal
SKI WEE Laura DaviesDexter McIlroyKalyna GriffinLouis MacDonald
All Mountain perfomanceRobin BernsteinBrianna HébertJustin BernierDJ Storrie
All Mountain Ryan HuntPaul RuddenKierra MorneaultGenevieve Griff
All Mountain Justin Lessard Isabelle GernieCallum DawsonMarian McGrath
ADULTCarmen Renaud François Pomerleau 
TA – SKI Simon De GraafHelena Meyer
TA – SKI Otis Lloyd-Zollinger Colwyn PontelloAurelia Nasr
TA – SKI Ava ScottMylene Burrows
Snowboard  TAMatthew , Morin  Karen WangQuinton Michelli
snowboard rookie  AwardMathis Levesque
Snowboard instructor AwardAntoine Lamoureux  Cameron PorterWilliam KingZackery Thompson
Ski Wee performanceOcéanne SamsonRebekah SchneidermanJoshua Keses
PRIVATES Patti KuntzAndre TrepanierRemo ZamboninErin HopeJosh Wiles
PRIVATES Justin StachBen StinsonKatherine LiAlec Aredjian
LIFE TIME ACIEVEMENTAndre TrepanierZoran Galin
101/MaNeige Ben Kuntz Jacob Percival Lee Jing Eryn Ede
Full time Instrutor Liam JayAlex daveyElliot BishopColin  powell
MVP MARKHAM AWARDBob EinarssonSJ NormandJane Holski
The Hearnden Leadership AwardLiam JayConnor Roche

All for now,

Congrats to the nominees

Be Safe

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

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