Academy News Sept 4

Hello all,

Enfin, je peux partager certain détail de notre plan d’opération pour la saison qui approche. I won’t get into the final details, since we may see some changes as the next few months evolve. But I wanted to share the changes that will be in place for the coming season.

 This season will be a challenge; however, we will still be able to offer programming even if it’s more limited than usual.

To begin, we must acknowledge that physical distancing as mandated by Quebec public health will affect the use of chairlifts. This means that an instructor or TA will not be able to sit next to or hold on to a child or anyone needing assistance.

Chairlifts will be reduced to 2 per quad (1 on either side). This may change, but we are planning on this.

As a result of this we will only be able to have self-sufficient pupils that are old enough and or big enough to ride a chair on their own.

Safety is our main consideration in this matter.

Also, as a result of lodge space cuts (distancing) we will have two starts one at 9 am and the other at 1pm each for 1;45 hrs. and the lift passes offered with the lesson will only be valid in the AM or PM time period respectively.

We will run our programs for 7 and up as usual although #s will be limited.

All Mtn AM 150  PM 150

Adults   AM 50  PM 50

SB   AM 50   PM 50

Performance  100  Will be running 3 hr sessions ( half day) final details to follow. it will more than likely be a 20 session program as opposed to a 15 day program.

We will be offering a lift pass for the 7 and up lesson participants valid for the half day and it will be at a reduced price. Client can also purchase a season pass if they wish.

Rentals will be on a seasonal lease to reduce traffic indoors.

Walk in lessons will still be available.

Hoops, bamboo and lifting / support devices will be setup to help with distancing.

Ski Wee, Beginner programs and our TAs are still on the table but are on hold until we receive definitive distancing guidelines, at that point we will adjust and design a program to address the need to help beginners get started and find a way to involve our Tas.


Physical distancing has reduced the #s allowed indoors half the seating will be removed and guests will be encouraged to be in and out at designated doors.

No reserving of tables, we will count on customers going back outside within 30 minutes.

Staff will constantly circulate to sanitize tables and washrooms as well as reminding guests to go out and enjoy the snow.

Masks will be worn indoors.

Sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the lodge.

Pro Room;

the instructor lodge will also have a floor plan, sanitizing protocols and regulars cleaning. we will also encourage short visits and spacing with masks .

Generally speaking, distancing will affect how we teach as well as limit hands on help.  Two starts a day and limited #s will affect the amount of work available.

Our meetings will be virtual and mainly outside once season begins.

We will have a season and we will try to keep our instructors engaged with the programs. I will of course understand if some of our people choose to skip a season and wait for better times.

Action points:

1 Decide if you are teaching this season.

2 Determine your availability

3 Supervisors will reach out to you via email as we get closer to Oct.

4 Be safe and stay tuned for more info.

I know things will change and i hope its for the better, but for now you have some info and i will update as we get more details from Government agencies.

FYI snow School programs are still on hold and should go on line in Oct. once we get final guidelines.

All for now,

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

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