Academy News Feb27

Bonjour a tous,

La relâche du Quebec débute demain matin, un petit rappel d’être présent a 9 heures le matin.

Q break starts tomorrow , please be here by 9 am. We are still looking for people to be here for the 3 and 4 day program, also those who are only here for part of the time can be helpful so thanks in advance .

The Ont. Break is also looking for more instructors, so if you can get in touch with us. march 14 to 17.

Important to be aware that even after the 9 week program ends next week, we still have lessons to teach, O break and privates continue to be in demand.

Some updates on the nominations for awards.

SKI WEE  Jacqueline Marrs Lauren hardback Mia Forcier  Emilie Finnanore

SKI WEE  Worwick Allen Hugh Phillips Linnea Gerrie  Pascale Roche

Performance Justin Bernier – Enrico Piovesan Ethan Auger

All Mountain  2022 Sunday  Genevieve Griffin  issabelle Gerrie Francesca Curlock  Ethan Auger  Hannah Feltham

All Mountain  2022 Saturday Maxim Matsiyevsky Liana Labreque Andrew Grguric Emilie Stal

ADULT 2022 Thomas Friessneeg dave Nash Claire Marchand Laird Roe

TA – SKI  2022 Axel Kolodziez Samaya Khosla

TA – SKI  Kate Jenson-Harback Antony Moncion

TA – SKI  Harrison Roach

TA -SB Leah Wood

Snowboard rookie  Award Tina Geng Connor Blair

Snowboard instructor Award Jacob Percival Katherine Li sun  Grant Li Amen Eagan  Isabelle Mcdonald

PRIVATES  Katherine Li Eugene matsiyerski Remo Finn Stewart

PRIVATES  David Jefic  Connor Blair Tina Geng Erin Hope

LIFE TIME ACIEVEMENT 2022 Denis Lacroix Carolyn Mitrow

101 prog. Owen Buckle  Heather Dickinson Michelle Lacroix

Full time Instrutor  Chuck Fairbairn Liam Jay Simon Baillargeon

MVP MARKHAM AWARD 2022 Liam Jay John McIssac
Chantale Desgroseilliers Patrick Hart 

The Hearnden Leadership Award 2022 Alex Davey Lyndsay Romain Kelsey Ann Dowling SJ Normand 

Fern 2022 Clayton Polan  John McIssac

All for now,

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

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