Academy News July 21

Bonjour à tous,

I wanted to give you an idea of the coming season’s plan.

Les programmes resteront come ils étaient l’année dernière. But #s will be increase slightly.

   Aux leçons privées nous allons permettre au client d’acheter en ligne et ce 7 jours par semaine.

A certain # of lessons per hour, in English or Francais will be scheduled.

In order to meet the demand, we will be asking instructors to state their availabilities in order to know how many we have in; ski, snowboard, English or French on any given day (including evenings) from this we will be able to sell lessons and give a heads-up as to whether or not you have work 24 hrs ahead of time.

Pour être clair ils pourront réservée une leçon et non pas un moniteur. To be clear this system will be in addition to other programs and an instructor can make themselves available one day a week or more or it could be one afternoon / evening a week.

The minimum commitment is still in play, the ability to tell us that you are available at other times will give us a chance to increase your earning potential.

As winter approaches the details will be put forth.

All for now, remember its still summer enjoy 😊

Francois Bernier

Directeur, Service Sportifs/Director, Sports Services

Tel.819-827-1717 poste 2204


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