Important for CSIA Ontario Members

Please reference below your need to provide a proxy by March 18th or attend the zoom meeting on March 23rd to remove the CSIA National Chair. Your vote is very important in this matter.



Notice: Special Meeting of the Members of Ontario 
 Following the support and request from members in Ontario, the CSIA Ontario board has called a Special Meeting of the Members March 23rd at 8PM to change the CSIA National Board representative for Ontario.

There are many organizational issues that have led to our region calling this meeting, amongst them:

The National Board member for Ontario (and National Board Chair) recorded (without permission) private in-camera sessions of the National Board and posted those videos to the public internet.   These videos breached the privacy of the other National Board members, and showed a board that is dysfunctional, conflicted and not able to exercise their oversight, fiduciary, and strategic planning duties.  Despite numerous attempts to handle this situation privately which have been declined, the situation has now risen to a level that we must inform the membership and meet to remove the National Board representative for Ontario.

There are two ways you can help get the organization back on track: 

1.  Register to attend the Special Meeting of the Members and vote for a new direction for Ontario. 

A virtual meeting will be held (on Zoom) by clicking the button below you can register.  Once you have registered and your active member status in CSIA Ontario has been verified you will be sent online voting and meeting details. ZOOM MEETING REGISTRATION
2. Submit a Confidential Proxy Vote if you are unable to attend in person. 

Every member of CSIA Ontario can help change our direction.  You can submit a proxy to the Secretary of the board to vote on your behalf or to a member that will be attending the meeting in person.  You easily submit your proxy by clicking the button below:
 SUBMIT A PROXYAdditional resources relating to the need for this meeting, it’s purpose and outcomes will be circulated in the coming days.For any issues registering for the meeting, submitting your proxy or other questions you can email: or call: CSIA Ontario Director Antony Niro, P. Eng. directly at +14168466476

 For Meeting Agenda and Details visit the following link: Official Notice of the Special Meeting of the Members March 23, 2023
Thank you for your support.  

CSIA Ontario Board 

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