Academy News – Oct 31, 15

Hello all,

The season is approaching and I am looking forward to seeing the white stuff. This coming Sunday is our open house, between 10 and 4pm. Maybe some of you will show up, if you do we will have a desk setup to answer questions and help you get your registration done.
The General meeting is on the 7th of Nov and with any luck at all we will have our new uniforms ready to distribute. Of course only to those that are completely active will be able to pick up jackets.
Important for all returning and certified instructors
Please be sure that you are up to date with the CSIA, CASI or the CSCF. (Dues paid). Be aware that only fully active people will be receiving lift passes when we open.
New un-certified instructors will get your coats once you’re certified and lift passes are included if you take the pre-course training.

Action items for all;
1 Complete registration on line. (See my signature)
2  If you’re certified, get your dues paid.
3  Be ready to sign your offer of service.

Please take the time to complete registration and be prepared to do rest on the 7th. Because, if the uniforms are in, you will want to be ready. It’s also, as I have said before, important to get this done in one step in order to avoid tracking all sorts of missing parts that eventually cause payroll and other issues.

All for now, hope to see people this Sunday if you come up to check it out.

François Bernier
Directeur, services sportifs
Camp Fortune
819-827-1717 poste 2202
Academy website
amp Fortune website

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