Academy News

I would like to announce that Yolanda Gaiarsa will be stepping down from her role as Ski Wee supervisor. Yolanda has not come to this decision easily; she would like to focus on family life and tells me we will see her at the hill from time to time.
I would like to thank Yo for the twenty + years she has put into the school. As a member of the supervisor team she was instrumental in quite a few evolutions over the time, not the least of which was he collaboration in creating our instructors handbook.
I and our overall group will be losing a valuable player but this is the natural progression of things and I completely understand that the commitment required to supervise at some point becomes hard to balance against three kids growing and involved in other activities.
So Thank you Yolanda for all the time you gave us and look forward to sliding with you when you drop by to take a few runs with Andrew and the kids.


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