Academy News – Feb 4, 16

Hello all,

We are now entering week 5 of our school season, most of our classes are now on the chairlift, so now it’s a matter of mileage and skill development. Key words are: keep moving, make sure you’re turning , explore new terrain and have fun. Supervisors will be asking you to begin filling out evaluations soon, so it’s a good idea to take some notes about your pupils in order to have pertinent info to add to your forms when the time comes.
Parent interactions: be sure parents get feedback as to their kids progress.
Group management: be sure the weaker pupils have positive feedback, also ensure the stronger ones get challenged.

The Spring Fling trip to Banff is postponed to next year, I only had three expressions of interest, perhaps I will start the process earlier and we can make it happen next season.

Monday session: this week’s theme “ Ski Play” we will explore different ways to build skills by approaching skiing as a game. As usual be in the pro room by 6:30 to pick up a ticket and we will be on snow 7 to 9 pm.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the weekend.

All for now



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