Academy News – Feb 11, 16

Hi all,

As we enter week 6, it’s now time to begin thinking about the evaluation forms we will be giving the pupils, your supervisors will be coordinating this with you. To be ready to write a few words on each of your pupils, be sure to take a few notes during the lesson in order to remember easily when writing on the forms. The goal is to have report cards handed out on week 8.

The Academy Banquet is set for the 16th of April, new this year, we are looking into running a bus from downtown Ottawa. In hopes of getting more of our younger crowd, we will need to know how many would be interested in paying for the service and if we have enough will go ahead with a bus. First step will be to sign up for it in order for us to consider renting a bus. Cost would be approx 10$. We will start a list of interested people at the cage so let us know if you may want to do this.

This is Family day weekend, this means we may be busy on Monday, so if able please come and ski/ride and while here pick up a few lessons.

This weekend will be coolish, so have your warm gear ready to go, also, since we will no doubt need to bring kids in for a warm up, be organized and try to get back out as quickly as possible. To stay warm; be active on the slopes, keep them moving , hopping, i.e. working hard.

As in past years we will be counting on our instructors to donate $’s to the Norm Grondin Memorial Foundation Bursary. This is the fund that provides financial support to the TA’s of the year towards taking their Level one. $’s will be collected at the Cage. Norm cared about our TAs and their training and this bursary is a fitting tribute to him as well as a unique initiative by the school. Let’s keep it going.

That’s it for now, see you on the weekend.

All for now,



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