Merry Christmas and holiday wishes to all,

As we go into the holidays we can expect the hill to be busy, since we have great conditions and lots of trails open.

For all our new people it’s important to finish your registration and get your jackets, in order to be ready for the programs.

If you’re a returning instructor, and as of yet have not been at the hill, be sure your dues are paid and you can show us a card or a receipt from the CSIA CSCF or CASI. As we will not be giving you a ticket unless your active.

Dec. 26th the Xmas camp Begins group lessons for 3 4 or 5 days

Dec. 27 28 29 Performance Camp

Every day during the holidays, private lessons every hour on the Half hour.

Want to remind everyone to read the instructor handbook on our web page, and be sure to follow our blog.

As a rule if you commit to a day, it means you are here all day. And it is also understood that if you are at the hill on any day, you are available to teach. When in doubt, ask me or any supervisor where you could be useful.

Hope everyone gets organized prior to the beginning of the programs.

Special request: Sean Delaney “Mentoring  Supervisor” is looking for a few experienced instructors willing to give of their time helping some of our new people figure out the ropes and answering simple questions as to the day to day operations at the school. Express interest via his email.

All for now,

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services

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