Academy news Jan 30th

Hello all,

Lets begin with feedback from our customers. Compliments as to kids being adjusted into a class that is a better fit. Compliments on the hard work getting our beginners going and up the chairs. With a bit of luck we should be able to have all our groups moving to the chairs this weekend.

I want to remind everyone, when you are here we expect that you are available to take a group or a private all day ,not just part of the day. We count on our instructors and appreciate your work, please be sure to stick to the commitment you made. Thank you for that.

This Sunday we will have another Norm Grondin Foundation fund raising social, Pizza, Soft drinks 2$ each, and beer for 5$ please bring a few bucks and contribute to the fund.

March breaks, if you want to work during the Q or Ont breaks, please sign up at the cage. We need to know how many we can count on.

We have some new toys in the Beginner area, Marty has put out some ideas on how to use them.

– Set them up as a slalom course

– Play distraction for example, riding on.

– Use as a rest area.

– Use as a target with beginner skier, free glide, aim and hit. Especially helpful at top of carpet to give kids a visual of where to go.

– Touch the objects on the way down the hill (encourages direction change)

 – have kids push them up and down the hill without skis on, then add skis. It quickly develops awareness of edges. After the exercise, kids almost automatically figure out the wedge and turning. Encourages balance over the skis. Remarkable results.

We can use some help on the 4th and 12th of feb, 1 or 2 sessions in the am, if you can be here please let me know or call the cage to confirm.

All for now,

It will be a warm weekend, ski u later.

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204 or 2202
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

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