Academy News oct. 27th

Hi all, I know your all keen to hear what’s going on and how this season will go, on that front I don’t have much to say except we are hoping the alert level will drop to an acceptable level and allow us to offer more services.

Je sais qu’on a tous hâte à avoir la chance de dévaler les pentes, mais je vais vous demander de patienter un peu plus, en attendant des bonnes nouvelles.

I have some fun news for all, I have finally gotten the mugs and trophies engraved from last season, and will have them here for instructors to pick up when the season gets going. Below is the list of winners from 2020.

SKI WEEAnna Manolache
SKI WEELaura Davies
A M PerformanceRobin Bernstein
All MountainRyan Hunt
All MountainJustin Lessard
ADULTCarmen Renaud
TA – SKISimon De Graaf
TA – SKIOtis Lloyd-Zollinger
TA – SKIAva Scott
Snowboard  TAMatthew , Morin 
Snowboard rookie  AwardMarie Brule
Snowboard instructor AwardAntoine Lamoureux 
S W performanceOcéanne Samson
PRIVATESJustin Stach

Zoran Galin
101/MaNeigeBen Kuntz
Full time InstructorLiam Jay
The Hearnden Leadership AwardConnor Roche
Congrats to all i look forward to seeing you pick up your awards.

As soon as possible i will be passing on info as to how to reactivate for the up coming season, all info will be virtual as it will be hard to hold meeting and respect distancing. as said in previous news letter #s will be reduced but we will try and keep people active.

All for now. merci

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

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