Academy News Nov 13th

Bonjour à tous,

This season will be very different, we will need to be ready to adjust with the various alert levels and understand that being part of the school, may not be a $ making proposition, for this season.

At this time, we will be reactivating returning instructors only, because we do not have confirmation on what if anything, we will be able to offer as far as programs are concerned. Instructors who choose to be part of this seasons school will understand that they are committing days of the week as opposed to programs and that work opportunities will potentially be different than previous years.

We may be needed to help with lift lines and act as hosts for distancing and crowd control in the beginner areas.  If allowed we hope to be offering private lessons, and in due time perhaps some programs but this is not a certainty. We will provide selected/committed instructors with skiing time regardless of us being allowed to teach, but it may need to be controlled.

The key takeaways are;

1 We cannot guaranty work for the same # of people as usual.

2 We will stagger the activation process in order to lessen large gatherings in the pro room.

3 If you choose to take up the position its understood that it may require different types of work and lift privilege may need to be controlled.

Its important to know that if you choose to skip this season, we understand and we will look forward to seeing you with us next season.

For our returning instructors;

1- Contact supervisors with your intentions and availabilities.

2 -If selected, you will be confirmed and asked to prepare * to come up and get organized with paperwork. We will need two forms that require a signature; “instructor agreement”, “Covid engagement compliance”. Use the instructor registration form as a reference of what you will need if we contact you. The forms can be found on front page of the blog under registration links. Also you will see our Operations Plan in bullet form , final document to follow.

*Last years pass if you have it, paper work filled out, dues paid with receipt, please be ready if you come up.

 Special mentions;

  1. To our returning Tas, I am working on a plan and you will be notified once it takes shape.
  2. To new instructors on the blog, we may not be able to take on new people this year, if things change, we can reach out.
  3. To people hoping to take a level 1 this season, courses are scheduled but if we remain in red, they may be cancelled or pushed back later in the season.

Je suis contiens que je ne vous donne pas des nouvel encourageantes, mais on va devoir moyenner du mieux que nous pouvons.

Francois Bernier
Directeur, Services Sportifs/Director, Sport Services
Tel. 819-827-1717 poste 2204
Mob/cell 819-664-2471
Academy /website

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